There are no ‘Symptoms’ of Menopause!

Apparently there’s a list of 34 recognised ‘symptoms’ of Menopause, ranging from hot flashes & body odor to depression & panic attacks. Whilst I’m encouraged that this list seems to have progressed from ‘A bit Moody, periods have stopped & Hot sweats’, it offends me for two reasons:-

  1. There are at least 6 things I personally experienced that aren’t on that list & having worked with enough women going through Menopause, I know that I’m not unique in that regard!
  2. Why must these expressions of what is a natural, transitionary state from one part of our lives to another be referred to as ‘Symptoms’?

There are actually as many Expressions of Menopause as there are Women on the planet because we are all unique & have experienced our Lives differently. Therefore the way we express any changes or processing of internal or external events is individual. To explore this further it may be helpful to remember the following:-


How to find your North Star.

Menopause is often a time in our Lives when everything is invited to change, to re-adjust, re-balance, re-new & perhaps even re-create – we can feel lost, rudderless, in the dark! It’s not referred to as ‘The Change’ for nothing!  It’s a massive internal transition from one stage in our lives to another. We are making space, de-cluttering & ‘house-clearing’ physically, emotionally & spiritually to make room for this new stage. Much of our physical make up is no longer appropriate for us & our body is programmed to focus on what is needed to maintain optimum health. The invitation to do the same with our emotional & spiritual health is also there.

How do we want to live, what could be, another 30+ years of our lives?
How do we want to feel?
What are our priorities now?
What possibilities are now open to us?
How do we want to be regarded in our lifetime & what footprint will we leave?

Change is inevitable when we are creating something new & it can be messy! Only we can decide how we navigate that change & that choice will determine how we continue through & post Menopause. Change is both the end & the beginning – it’s your choice as to whether you make that an invitation to live your best life or not.


The Sweetest Nectar is within – (Women)!

My passion is to help Women recover themselves inside & out. Using a bespoke blend of Natural Health Tools I offer myself & my skills as a guide, a support, a faciitator & ‘Medicine Woman’ for you during your own personal Journey towards optimum physical, emotional & spiritual Health.

Why do I believe this is important? Well firstly as a Woman who has ‘Journeyed’  some way already to recover myself so that I feel happier & more free than ever before in my life, I want to share  the many different, Holistic & Natural ways that helped me. I have a wide variety of skills & knowledge available to me to share with you. Also I believe that we are in a time of transition world-wide, a time when many, many Women are coming together, collaborating & instigating meaningful, transformative changes to help create a better World for us & for our Children.

As Women we are starting to wake up after a deep slumber, centuries of negotiating our way, in a World dominated by a pre-dominently Masculine way of doing things. Women have been trained to be either submissive, quiet, compliant or to achieve ‘success’ using Masculine methods & measurements. The world is a mess at the moment and both Men & Women are unhappy, fearful & out of balance with themselves & each other. Adopting an exclusively Masculine way of running things has not worked, it’s time we tried something more inclusive, less competative, less Linear & Materially based.


What is QTT & what can I expect in a session?

QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies) is a collection of accredited personal development talking methods that guide & support us to make & sustain profound, lasting behavioural changes so that we can achieve whatever we want in life. 

An integral part of our Journey to optimum Health is to know all the different parts of ourselves, to understand them, embrace them & to integrate them into ourselves. Becoming conscious of the values, beliefs & unresolved feelings that actually drive all our behavior towards ourselves & others is the first step. The second is to know that any of these parts of us that inhibit us or sabotage us, prevent us from accessing the abilities we all pocess deep down can be changed, we do not have to accept Life as it currently is if it isn’t nurturing us, bringing us Joy & Happiness. QTT enables us to do both these things gently & immediately.

I use it to help when: – 

  • You feel stuck in any way
  • You need support undergoing major changes or transitions 
  • You are trying to understand & change addiction issues or destructive habits
  • You are recovering from trauma including grief & loss
  • You are trying to conquer fears and anxieties
  • You are struggling with confidence issues
  • You are wanting to instigate & sustain healthy eating habits, regular exercise and life-style changes
  • You want to feel better about yourself and those you love, so you can live your life as happily and healthily as possible.

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