I’ve had many pivotal times in my life when I felt I’d reached rock bottom – desperate “Bathroom Floor” moments & yet out of these came transformation. Having to step out of my comfort zone actually led me to expand myself & discover previously untapped skills & resources.

I remember sobbing in the bath towards the end of my Maternity leave from my corporate job, bereft at the thought of leaving my first baby, returning to work meant weeks away from her. Out of that desperation came a plan to apply for promotion – a job that scared the living daylights out of me because it meant embracing pretty much all the things I had no experience of! What drove me, was my overwhelming need to prioritise my daughter & that allowed me to suspend my fears & give it a go.

I got the job & much to my surprise discovered a talent for managing people, putting together presentations & even Public speaking & for several years it worked well for me. I was put on the Board of Directors, given shares in the company & lived a life that outwardly seemed to be ‘living the dream’!

But Inside I was a whirlpool of panic – becoming more & more unhappy & stressed & feeling that it was just a matter of time before everyone discovered I was a fraud.

After my second baby, the death of my adored Father & the cruelty of Dementia in my Mother, I crashed. My physical body told me very clearly that I needed to stop & I was diagnosed with severe Hypo-thyroidism -unable to get out of bed some days.

The advice & prescriptions of several ‘Specialists’ did little to return me to Health & after another “Bathroom Floor” moment, a friend persuaded me to try Homeopathy.  I was sceptical but desperate to recover myself & to feel vital & clear. Again, that overriding need enabled me to step into the unknown & do something I would never have considered normally… 

‘Bathroom Floor’ moments or physical Health crises are not easy or comfortable but I believe they are valuable signposts & opportunities for us, offering the potential for growth & change.

Homeopathy turned my Life around, & I do not say that lightly – it helped me feel better almost immediately & within a year I was back to myself. It also opened a door for me, showing me that I didn’t have to live a life that was keeping me feeling exhausted, small & not fully Me.  Homeopathy led me to becoming conscious of my ability to make better choices in almost every aspect of my Life.

I started using homeopathy to manage my children’s minor illnesses & couldn’t believe that I hadn’t tried it before! My decision to study it further, to become a Practitioner was born out of a realisation that I could help not only myself & those I loved, but other women like me.

The illness & eventual death of My Mother during my 4 year training, began a journey for me to come to terms with her inability to Mother me in the way that I needed & the effects that had on most of my personal relationships.

That journey led me to work with various Holistic Practices, to understand the importance of our Maternal line & it’s influence on our patterns of behavior & physical Health! My work in this area has led to a feeling of deep love & connection with my Mother, my Grandmothers & indeed my daughter. It’s an area rich in healing potential & I love sharing that with other women.

I am very grateful to all my Teachers, Mentors & Practitioners in the fields of Homeopathy, QTT Personal Development, Bio-dynamic Psychotherapy, Cranio-Sacral work, Essential Oils, Meditation & more……Also My birth Sisters, good friends & the women I regard as spiritual sisters, for teaching me the value of support & collaboration with other women.  Their teachings have enabled me to be the best Woman, Mother, Sister, Daughter Partner/Wife as I can & live a life that allows me to sustain much as possible.

I am committed to expanding my consciousness, of what works for me –  & to change or let go of what doesn’t. To share all that I have learnt & know to be helpful, with my Clients & witness it work for them too, is an ongoing pleasure.

I’m proud to say that my own Journey has given me a full & varied toolbox of Holistic Health methods! It gives me joy to share that toolbox with other women so they can recover themselves physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually & be on their own unique, committed Journey.  My own Journey continues – I am a work in Progress and I am grateful for that every day!


“Rebecca was an absolute pleasure to work with, very professional & reassuring. Within days  my pains (from Endometriosis), went for a 10 down to a 0 and I felt so much better. Working online with her worked  really well for me, as I have 2 small children & I can’t always commit to travelling to appointments so this way I could work around them.”

Susan, Ireland

“ I needed help with hormone balancing & overall energy levels….. the impact that first & subsequent meetings have had has been quite extraordinary. With the remedies & tapping into the underlying theme of  “grief” & the feeling of “not being good enough” that I have been carrying around for years, Rebecca has brought me to a place where I feel I can leave some of that “baggage” behind, feel confident “in the now”.  She has also given me some coping strategies to avoid going back into negative behaviour mode”.

Sarah, Ireland

“I came to Rebecca burdened with a lot of things I was ready to let go of. She provided me with a safe place to express how I was feeling and allowed me to progress with my life in a way that I had never been capable of before. Her calm nature immediately steadied my nerves and allowed me to focus on how my worries and anxieties were affecting my life and how I could be able to move past them.”

Amy, Ireland

I most recently attended Rebecca in relation to helping with my child’s emotional regulation and my own postpartum mental health….we used a combination of both homeopathic remedies & QTT – I feel this has empowered me to make genuine & deep changes to my perception of life. My mind feels the most clear that it has ever been. I will be forever grateful to Rebecca, I had tried so many times but would soon find myself falling back into those old patterns…..

Sinead, Kerry

“I had my first appointment with Rebecca just over a year ago as my IBS had significantly worsened to the point that I had cut out almost all food groups from my diet and often could not leave the house due to constant IBS symptoms. Now, my IBS has significantly improved and I can now eat all food groups again, I no longer fear trying new foods or foods that would have previously led to a flare up. In addition, my periods have begun to settle into a more regular pattern and I haven’t taken antibiotics in months!”

Hannah, UK

“ I found Rebecca to be most compassionate, caring & understanding with a huge knowledge of general health, but also very intuitive & interested in emotional & spiritual well-being. She is a great communicator with an ability to draw necessary information from you without being invasive or judgmental. The original issue that brought me to Rebecca has completely cleared up after 3 sessions and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

Gerardine, Kerry

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