Homeopathy in Your Hands – Home Prescribing Course

Online Course

I have a particular interest in helping as many people as possible – especially parents – to be able to use Homeopathy for themselves at home to help their families to get better faster and ill less often! By learning how to use Homeopathy to support your own natural healing abilities, you can:-

  • Become knowledgeable, confident & fearless Home Prescribers!
  • Spend less time and money on GP & Prescription charges
  • Become less reliant on over the counter medications like Paracetamol
  • Experience the pleasure & satisfaction of being able to relieve minor illnesses
  • Notice that minor illnesses get less and less frequent!


‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much from Rebecca….with the knowledge of Homeopathy and how it can be used in everyday life to treat various conditions, I no longer make as many visits to the Doctor as I did. This course has given me so much confidence and I would recommend it to anyone’

Jacinta, Killarney

“I really wish I had known about Homeopathy before! Learning about how to use remedies myself has completely changed how I feel when the kids or my partner or even myself get ill! I think everyone should learn about these as soon as possible!”

 Siobhan, Dublin

“Since doing Rebecca’s Course, I use Homeopathy almost exclusively for all the family, even the Dog! I find the Home Prescribing Charts provided on the course invaluable & keep them handy with my kit in case I’m not home & Dad’s in charge!!” 

Pauline, Ireland.

” I have many books on homeopathy including my little remedy kit one & I don’t open one as I have found  the most useful & accurate of all is Rebecca’s home prescribing guide. I’ve used this guide & homeopathy for years as my primary health care & just recently sent my daughters off to college armed with a remedy kit & Rebecca’s home prescribing guide. Simple, easy to follow &  effective , I couldn’t ask for more!”

Courses can be tailored to suit your particular needs or levels of understanding e.g. If you are already using remedies yourself but want a more in depth understanding of certain remedies or illnesses or perhaps you struggle when it comes to knowing how often to give remedies or how to assess the results of giving them? Please email me below to find out  more.

Pimp My Practice -Business Coaching Course

Online Course

In order to run any business successfully within the External World, we need to understand what’s going on for us Internally! What Beliefs, Values & Stories we may be subconsciously carrying that may be sabotaging our potential & preventing our business from flourishing.

My 8 week Online, Business Fulfillment Coaching Course for Holistic Business Owners & Health Practitioners enables you to fully audit your entire approach to Business, get out of your own way (!) & start creating a bespoke road-map that provides a clear & sustainable business strategy to keep both you & your business on track to success whatever that means for you. 

E-mail me for the next Course launch date.


“I gained a deeper insight into what motivates me in my business & how I want the business to look & feel for both myself and my clients.  The course has also helped me to examine the various ways that I can grow my business and more importantly, shown me how to achieve this growth by promoting myself effectively and coherently to a suitable audience.”
“I thought the course was comprehensive and well thought out and delivered.  I found the master classes particularly helpful – it’s great to have a sounding board of peers and of an experienced practitioner to keep me on track.”
“I feel much more positive, energised and focused on my business now, because I know exactly where I want to go and this informs all my planning/decision making around promoting and developing my practice.  It has also made me much more confident around putting it out there about who I am and what I have to offer” 
“The course is helping  me to personalise my business in a professional manner . A business that I will be proud of, I was floundering, Now I know I can do it !!” 
“I was able to do the course at my own pace, that takes a lot of pressure away and helps toward making the course more enjoyable.” 
“The Course changed it, for me, from the feeling of it being hard work to one of a challenge I am now happy to rise to!”
“I feel completely different. I know now that I can build a successful business” 

Coaching Courses.

Live Course

I offer a number of tailor made coaching courses – the details of which will be personal to you and agreed jointly in our first coaching session.  

My Starter Coaching Course framework would be 6 x one to one sessions usually over a 12 week period, the specifics of which will be agreed during the first session.  This 12 week, One to One, QTT Fulfilment Coaching Course will support you to instigate & sustain positive changes in your personal, business, financial or general life. As well as understanding how your experience of all these areas are linked.

We will collaborate to design the exact aims, goals & action steps in our first session together since these are tailor made to your needs. You will be provided with any appropriate support exercises to download as well as access to some additional email support if needed.

The first step is to book your free ‘Clarity Call’ with me so we can have a chat, I can answer any questions & we can establish whether this package is the most appropriate one for you. Once we have spoken you can book this package asap, & secure your first session date. We will then arrange the following session dates when we meet. For a fuller description of the role of Coaching, please refer to my Holistic Coaching & Mentoring Page on this site.

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