Menopause is often a time in our Lives when everything is invited to change, to re-adjust, re-balance, re-new & perhaps even re-create – we can feel lost, rudderless, in the dark! It’s not referred to as ‘The Change’ for nothing!  It’s a massive internal transition from one stage in our lives to another. We are making space, de-cluttering & ‘house-clearing’ physically, emotionally & spiritually to make room for this new stage. Much of our physical make up is no longer appropriate for us & our body is programmed to focus on what is needed to maintain optimum health. The invitation to do the same with our emotional & spiritual health is also there.

How do we want to live, what could be, another 30+ years of our lives?
How do we want to feel?
What are our priorities now?
What possibilities are now open to us?
How do we want to be regarded in our lifetime & what footprint will we leave?

Change is inevitable when we are creating something new & it can be messy! Only we can decide how we navigate that change & that choice will determine how we continue through & post Menopause. Change is both the end & the beginning – it’s your choice as to whether you make that an invitation to live your best life or not.

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My passion is to help Women recover themselves inside & out. Using a bespoke blend of Natural Health Tools I offer myself & my skills as a guide, a support, a faciitator & ‘Medicine Woman’ for you during your own personal Journey towards optimum physical, emotional & spiritual Health.

Why do I believe this is important? Well firstly as a Woman who has ‘Journeyed’  some way already to recover myself so that I feel happier & more free than ever before in my life, I want to share  the many different, Holistic & Natural ways that helped me. I have a wide variety of skills & knowledge available to me to share with you. Also I believe that we are in a time of transition world-wide, a time when many, many Women are coming together, collaborating & instigating meaningful, transformative changes to help create a better World for us & for our Children.

As Women we are starting to wake up after a deep slumber, centuries of negotiating our way, in a World dominated by a pre-dominently Masculine way of doing things. Women have been trained to be either submissive, quiet, compliant or to achieve ‘success’ using Masculine methods & measurements. The world is a mess at the moment and both Men & Women are unhappy, fearful & out of balance with themselves & each other. Adopting an exclusively Masculine way of running things has not worked, it’s time we tried something more inclusive, less competative, less Linear & Materially based.

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QTT (Quantum Thinking Technologies) is a collection of accredited personal development talking methods that guide & support us to make & sustain profound, lasting behavioural changes so that we can achieve whatever we want in life. 

An integral part of our Journey to optimum Health is to know all the different parts of ourselves, to understand them, embrace them & to integrate them into ourselves. Becoming conscious of the values, beliefs & unresolved feelings that actually drive all our behavior towards ourselves & others is the first step. The second is to know that any of these parts of us that inhibit us or sabotage us, prevent us from accessing the abilities we all pocess deep down can be changed, we do not have to accept Life as it currently is if it isn’t nurturing us, bringing us Joy & Happiness. QTT enables us to do both these things gently & immediately.

I use it to help when: – 

  • You feel stuck in any way
  • You need support undergoing major changes or transitions 
  • You are trying to understand & change addiction issues or destructive habits
  • You are recovering from trauma including grief & loss
  • You are trying to conquer fears and anxieties
  • You are struggling with confidence issues
  • You are wanting to instigate & sustain healthy eating habits, regular exercise and life-style changes
  • You want to feel better about yourself and those you love, so you can live your life as happily and healthily as possible.

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Now more than ever we must remember how vital it is for us to focus on our intimate relationships. By intimate I mean soul nurturing, energising, uplifting, connected relationships – the ones that leave you re-vitalised, envigorated and able to be fully You. The ones that enable you to laugh, cry, rant, share weaknessess & successes, debate & grow. Whilst the Internet has been & continues to be for some, an absolute Gift for us to conduct relationships during this period of unprecedented disonnection from others, it must not become The Norm. Yes it’s a wonderful alternative & better than nothing, and there’s one vital componant that it can never give us. That componant is Touch, physical prescence, hugging, kissing, feeling – all essential parts of us fully processing & integrating another sentient being. This processing & integation that takes place through touch &  physical proximity contributes to us being fully healthy.

Being deprived of Touch has been shown to induce:-

  • increased stress, depression and anxiety,
  • triggers a variety of negative physiological effects by the body from releasing the hormone cortisol as a response to stress, activating the body’s primal ‘Fight, flight, freeze or appease’ response.
  • Increased heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and muscle tension.
  • Suppression of the digestive system and immune system = an increased risk of infection.
  • Sleep issues.
  • Every single disease including heart attack, diabetes, hypertension, asthma & pretty much any other pathology is altered if you are more anxious, more depressed or if you have more mental health issues.
  • Long term, going an extended period without positive physical touch can even lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. Babies have been shown to go into a rapid decline when deprived of touch.

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More and more people are booking Health Coaching sessions with me these days & the feedback is really positive. My training as a Coach, in NLP, in QTT Personal development methods, a lifetime of asking good questions as a Homeopath as well as experience of a variety of Health models, all combine to help me help you to make the best choices for you.

Some people are feeling particularly confused at the moment in the current crisis about certain Health choices & some have ongoing Health concerns that mean making decisions, collating sometimes conflicting information & understanding which of many options will be likely to pay dividends. This is seldom about whether certain therapies work or don’t work, it’s more about determining a destination that’s appropriate for you & the best route to get there, one that is in line with your values & that is accessible, affordable & can offer you whatever results you are wanting.

Often we can get stuck, procrastinate or lurch from one choice to another. We may feel we don’t really have a choice sometimes, especially when there is pressure from everyone around us to do something they have chosen as right for them. We may be unaware that there are choices, lost as to how to find more information or confused about what outcome is possible within the perimeters of our illness or of the treatment choices available. There can be huge relief in being able to explore possibilities & understand where our own boundaries lie, whether they are fixed or can be expanded a bit.

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There is too much division in the world today, not enough connection, too much talking & not enough feeling. Language is important but is not the only way we communicate our feelings. In all our relationships ultimately we want to feel heard, seen & felt. We don’t feel connected unless we do feel these things.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It may feel too big to focus on the global feeling of increasing disconnect & disenfranchisement these days. Becoming more conscious of our personal relationships & practicing deep listening when others speak can make a difference. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If I feel you have heard me, seen me & felt me, I feel a connection with you. I’m less likely to dismiss you or belittle you or threaten you.⠀So incorperating the Practice of Conscious deep listening can only help strengthen our relationships. It does take practice like anything & soon becomes second nature.

I invite you to practice your own listening skills – listen silently, attentively, tuning in to how you are feeling while this person tells you how they are.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Listen with your whole body not just your ears! ⠀⠀

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I’m sure that you are familiar with the expression ‘Mind over Matter’ – it’s often used when we are experiencing some resistance or discomfort around trying to achieve something or master something we find challenging?

What do we mean when we say this?

Are we saying that our Mind is more important or powerful than our material/physical Body?

Are we saying that ultimately where our Mind goes is the best or healthiest path to follow?

Should we ignore our body & any physical complaints or pain or ‘symptoms’?

Is it Healthy to invest everything in where our minds take us rather than what our bodies might be communicating?

Can we even separate Mind from Body?

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