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Have your questions answered & get an opportunity to meet me & get a sense of how we could work together to improve your Health or make & sustain positive changes in your Life.

How to get better faster & become Ill less often

My video series on using Homeopathy at Home to address minor illnesses & first aid situations

  1. What is Homeopathy anyway & what can it do for me?
  2. How to avoid Calpol and why that’s a good thing.
  3. How to help Mum feel patient, joyful & ‘mad’ for Dad again!
  4. How to know when to give remedies & whether they’re working.
  5. How can I get confident & knowledgeable about using remedies myself?

Pimp Your Practice

My video series offering an introduction to Business Coaching for Therapists, Health Practitioners & small Business Owners to understand & improve what your business has to offer you & your Clients

  1. Where do you work?
  2. How do you work?
  3. Who are your Clients?
  4. Your money story?
  5. Taking action

My 5 Day Meditation Challenge

My video series designed to encourage you to incorporate a daily simple meditation practice into your life.

  1. Commit, Sit and Breathe.
  2. Deeper Breathing and focus.
  3. Using Visualisation
  4. Increasing and moving energy
  5. Full Guided Meditation.

Guided ‘Elements’ Meditations Series

My audio MP3 series of short guided meditations celebrating the elements – Air, Water, Earth & ourselves

My Smile Meditation Video

Free ‘Just Like Me’ Meditation

Daily Practice of Meditation can support a deepening connection with our ability to feel compassion, empathy, Love & understanding for both ourselves & others, even when we may feel triggered to feelings of anger, blame, opposition etc.

Research shows that practicing Meditations as a group, even if you are in different places, can positively affect conflict, violence, aggression & even War! Sending compassion & healing to even those whose behavior is in total conflict with our own values, can dramatically alter that behavior & means that any victims of that behavior will automatically benefit. For many of us this is not an easy thing & therefore regular practice is necessary.

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