I have given talks & run workshops for a number of Groups & organisations over the years including SAOR Psychotherapy & Counselling Centre, Kerry Business Women’s Network, HeartBeat, ICA, Local Mum & Toddler Groups & Parent, Teacher Associations as well as various Health Fairs. Here’s what one Group Organiser said about a talk I gave recently:-

“Last night in our Life Wives Community, we had the fabulous Rebecca Atkinson as our guest speaker. Rebecca is a homeopath, & her presentation was off the feckin’ charts! Seriously, my mind is blown with the wealth of information she shared. She is passionate about educating people on how they can support the body’s natural healing ability….. I will 1000000% be getting myself a homeopathic kit for home!”

Optimum Health is an essential part of any aspect of our Lives – whether it be our Work, our Parenting, our Relationships, our ability to run Healthy Businesses or Households, to be productive as Employees or Employers.

Getting to a place where we can exhibit integrity, clarity, creativity, calm & empathy needs a degree of Physical. Emotional & Spiritual Consciousness & Self awareness. We can do this as individuals & we can also work collaboratively, as a team within the framework of our jobs or organisations that we belong to.

If this is something you would like more information on please email me at rebecca@rebecca-atkinson.com or book a free clarity call with me.

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