I have given talks & run workshops for a number of Groups & organisations over the years including SAOR Psychotherapy & Counselling Centre, Kerry Business Women’s Network, HeartBeat, ICA, Local Mum & Toddler Groups & Parent, Teacher Associations as well as various Health Fairs.

Optimum Health is an essential part of any aspect of our Lives – whether it be our Work, our Parenting, our Relationships, our ability to run Healthy Businesses or Households, to be productive as Employees or Employers.

Getting to a place where we can exhibit integrity, clarity, creativity, calm & empathy needs a degree of Physical. Emotional & Spiritual Consciousness & Self awareness. We can do this as individuals & we can also work collaboratively, as a team within the framework of our jobs or organisations that we belong to.

If this is something you would like more information on please email me at rebecca@rebecca-atkinson.com or book a free clarity call with me.

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