I believe a vital piece of Women journeying to recover themselves, reconnecting with our innate connection with the natural world & all the healing contained within it, is to find a reliable, accessible & safe system of natural medicine that cures without harm & can be used easily by women to treat themselves & their families.

Once we start using these powerful & effective remedies, not only do we witness incredible results, but we gain knowledge & confidence in both the remedies & our own ability to heal. My own experience with Homeopathy is echoed time & time again with the Women of all ages that I collaborate with – it works with a huge array of physical illnesses, helps instigate incredible shifts in emotional Health and even resolves complex spiritual issues.

QTT Personal Development 

QTT Personal Development Methods are a collection of accredited, gentle, talking approaches to facilitate you to make profound & lasting changes to the way you feel & what underpins your behavior.

Similarly to Homeopathy, QTT Personal Development Methods help us to identify Values, Beliefs & patterns of Behavior that, although originally adopted for good, sensible reasons, are now outdated, keeping us stuck & unable to continue our natural drive to grow & flourish.

Holistic Life Coaching & Mentoring

At various stages in our Journey to optimum Health, Vitality & Creativity we may need help to make good decisions, recognise choices, protect ourselves & be able to negotiate circumstances or people in our external world, without compromising our own needs. Coaching involves a series of well designed, tailor made questions that enable you to discover & implement whatever ‘tool’ you can access to support you in achieving goals, either in your personal life or your job. Inevitably it may involve some focus on your inner beliefs, the ones that can drive us to be triggered by others into making unhealthy decisions or continuing behavior that no longer protects or nurtures us.

Coaching is Agnostic – my role is to enable you to achieve whatever you want to achieve in the best way for you, it is not my role to advise you or influence you in any way.

Student Supervision

I am a listed Supervisor for Students of Homeopathy at The Irish School of Homeopathy & have been working for over a decade with Students to help craft their cases for submission towards graduation.

There is a nominal charge for this which is in line with the College recommendations as are my terms of working together which I will send you once we have been in contact.

I really enjoy collaborating with Students in this way, using my knowledge both as a Practitioner & as a qualified Coach & Mentor to enable you to learn as much as you can about Homeopathy first & foremost.

Essential Oils

Plant Medicine is an integral part of my healing kit. Essential Oils are becoming more & more ‘Essential’ to my health journey and their ability to address a complex range of Physical. Emotional & Spiritual issues, is a logical addition to my Natural Health Tool Collection. 

I am delighted to share what I know with my Clients, Friends & Family – about how to use oils to help us on our Healing Journeys.

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