Hello I’m Rebecca!

I use QTT Personal development & Coaching methods with Homeopathy, (if appropriate), to help you to instigate and sustain real & lasting changes so that you feel better about yourself & able to lead the best life possible.

What is QTT? 

It’s an accredited personal development modality that guides and supports You to make and sustain profound and lasting behavioural changes, so that You can achieve whatever you want in life. I use it to help when: –

  • You feel stuck in any way
  • You need support undergoing major changes or transitions 
  • You are trying to understand & change addiction issues or destructive habits
  • You are recovering from trauma including grief & loss
  • You are trying to conquer fears and anxieties
  • You are struggling with confidence issues
  • You are wanting to instigate & sustain healthy eating habits, regular exercise and life-style changes
  • You want to feel better about yourself and those you love, so you can live your life as happily and healthily as possible.

Recent Feedback from one of my Clients.

“For me this has been the technique I’ve been dreaming of finding for years. Having been for counselling and homeopathy independently in the past, it has been the QTT which I feel has empowered me to make genuine and deep changes to my perception of life. It has helped me to interpret the parts of my life I find difficult in a new positive light.

My mind feels de-cluttered and the most clear that it has ever been. I will be forever grateful to Rebecca, for her part in helping me to finally release old thought patterns which have been negatively impacting my life. I had tried so many times but would soon find myself falling back into those old patterns. I would highly recommend Rebecca for the entire family.”

S.O’K, Kerry 2019

Why work with me?

If you want to get clarity & control over your emotions, beliefs & behavior’s – to feel happy, confident and able to live your life the way that suits you, without worrying about what anyone else thinks, then come and work with me. 

Sarah, came to me unable to understand why something always seemed to get in the way of her setting up her new business. After working with me, she realized that the procrastination was actually protecting her! Deep down she didn’t want to pursue that particular business at all! It was something that – for various reasons – she felt she should do! Once we explored why she felt she should do that, she was able to change the sub-conscious feelings that were driving that behaviour, and channel her talents more productively & effectively. She is now in the process of creating a business she really feels passionate about, and that makes her literally light up every time she talks about it.

Sarah is one example from the many women I’ve had the privilege of working with – there are many more and there may be particular areas of your life that you feel you’re struggling with. If you feel ready to book a session with me click here. If you’re not sure see if you recognize any of the following, come and work with me to break free!:-


Good reasons to work with me:-

    • Can’t sustain anything? – You really want to instigate new habits or achieve a specific goal but something always seems to get in the way eg Healthy eating/exercise/self-care or stopping smoking? Then you are constantly beating yourself up for it? Understanding why you seem to be stuck in this merry-go-round can mean that you stop self-sabotaging, and caring for yourself becomes a pleasure rather than a chore!
    • Anxious, fearful or Phobic? – Are you experiencing any particular fears or anxieties that stop you from doing something that you know will be beneficial to you eg. Public speaking/Business pitches/Dogs/Airplane travel/having your photo taken/moving jobs or home?
    • The Guilty Perfectionist? – Are you regularly beating yourself up or feeling guilty for nagging your partner or the kids to keep the house ‘perfect’’. Why are you the only one who knows how to do anything properly?………it’s so exhausting!!
    • Fear of being judged? – Do you have a pattern of never attempting new things or doing things differently due to a worry of what other people will say or think about you? Do you find that you are regularly at the mercy of an inner voice that criticises and judges your every conversation or action?
    • Can’t make decisions? – Do you find it impossible to make decisions – getting lost in all the pro’s and the con’s, ending up paralysed, indecisive and right back where you started?
    • Trauma?  – Are you constantly re-playing a particularly painful or traumatic event from your past which keeps you awake nights – an accident, a loved one’s death or being bullied or attacked?
    • Grief? – Are you still experiencing raw grief for a lost parent or child, unable to speak of them without crying or anger even though it was years ago?
    • Relationship issues? – old and new – not necessarily romantic either – do you feel unappreciated or like you are banging your head against a brick wall and unable to see how it will ever get better?
    • Empty nest syndrome? – The time when the kids leave home Are you finding all that spare time hard or asking yourself – ‘What do I want? Who am I? What happened to my dreams?
    • Menopause? Are you experiencing physical discomfort as your body changes? Or are the many emotional changes creating havoc and making you question how you have been living your life to date? 
  • Becoming Parents or dealing with teenagers? Are you re-examining your own childhood and how you were parented? Wondering if you will be able to strike the right balance between support, understanding & love as well as creating firm boundaries and solid moral guidance? Looking at our own values and expectations around our children can mean the difference between our homes being a place of nurture, support and communication instead of a constant battle ground – which never makes anyone feel good.

    • Job/career issues? how would it feel if you felt           comfortable, confident, powerful and energized by aspects of your job like presentations or sales pitches instead of overwhelmed, stressed and not good enough?
      • Breaking destructive habits? It’s almost impossible to stop habits like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, coffee or sugar unless we start to understand what’s driving us to do them in the first place. I can help you to do that and put strategies in place that will make this process far easier.


How we can work together.

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