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This is a subject close to my heart as it was a diagnosis given to me 26 years ago when I had difficulty conceiving a second child. My primary focus was on finding out why I wasn’t getting pregnant when it had been so easy the first time. It wasn’t until that diagnosis was given […]

Go at your own Pace – January can bring unnecessary pressure to take action, make resolutions & get back into the saddle as soon as Jan 1st comes along & if we don’t have something new to offer, abstain from or a Plan to commence then we can feel lacking in some way. I would […]

No, I’m not talking about so called disorders that seem to come to mind when we use phrases like ‘Multiple Personalities’ – although it is interesting to perhaps think about these differently once you have read this piece?! I want to share a concept that I personally found transformative when I first discovered it during […]

There is a big difference between using Natural Medicine in a Pharmaceutical/Allopathic way ie using the same perspective of what constitutes Health or dis-ease & how to treat it, and adopting a systemic, Holistic approach to Healthcare that supports our Natural processes & internal systems & enables them to work to optimum capacity as much as possible.

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Apparently there’s a list of 34 recognised ‘symptoms’ of Menopause, ranging from hot flashes & body odor to depression & panic attacks. Whilst I’m encouraged that this list seems to have progressed from ‘A bit Moody, periods have stopped & Hot sweats’, it offends me for two reasons:- There are actually as many Expressions of […]

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