Health Coaching is Agnostic!

More and more people are booking Health Coaching sessions with me these days & the feedback is really positive. My training as a Coach, in NLP, in QTT Personal development methods, a lifetime of asking good questions as a Homeopath as well as experience of a variety of Health models, all combine to help me help you to make the best choices for you.

Some people are feeling particularly confused at the moment in the current crisis about certain Health choices & some have ongoing Health concerns that mean making decisions, collating sometimes conflicting information & understanding which of many options will be likely to pay dividends. This is seldom about whether certain therapies work or don’t work, it’s more about determining a destination that’s appropriate for you & the best route to get there, one that is in line with your values & that is accessible, affordable & can offer you whatever results you are wanting.

Often we can get stuck, procrastinate or lurch from one choice to another. We may feel we don’t really have a choice sometimes, especially when there is pressure from everyone around us to do something they have chosen as right for them. We may be unaware that there are choices, lost as to how to find more information or confused about what outcome is possible within the perimeters of our illness or of the treatment choices available. There can be huge relief in being able to explore possibilities & understand where our own boundaries lie, whether they are fixed or can be expanded a bit.

Health Coaching sessions are not about me convincing you to do or take or try anything in particular, neither are they about steering you to book Homeopathic sessions with me. Any Coaching session is about me supporting you to get clarity over firstly what your issue is, what you are ultimately aiming to achieve & what that will mean to you when you do. Narrowing down what can be quite wide & ‘blanket’ terms eg feeling ‘well’, feeling ‘happy’.

  • What does feeling ‘well’ or ‘happy’ mean, to you specifically?
  • What do you need in place to feel those emotions?
  • Is it about not feeling in pain anymore either physically or emotionally?
  • What compromises are you prepared to make in order to feel ‘well’ or ‘happy’?
  • What are you prepared to change or give up in order to feel them?
  • Maybe you are not prepared or able to make any changes or give up anything at the moment, what does that mean for you both short or long term? Can you still achieve what you want to achieve & how can you do that?

You may have specific questions about possible Health modalities or lifestyle choices & we can explore what those offer generally & what may be helpful to you specifically.

Think of it as providing you with your own personal compass, something to keep you getting closer to your own ‘North Star’ whatever that may be.

It may be that you get all you need from one session if it’s very specific, eg making a decision, or it may be that you would benefit from a package of several sessions spread out over time to support you through a process or a treatment you have already chosen & may be finding difficult?

If you feel this is something that you would find helpful, get in touch, email me or leave a comment here or book a free call with me on my bookings page on this site –  let’s talk & help you to get the help you need, whether that’s some clarity or another Therapist, I’m happy to support whatever choice is yours.


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