How we are driven by our 7 Behavioural Codes.

As a holistic health practitioner of many years I have been aware of & interested in the Chakra systems that many Health Modalities believe in & focus on.  Simply put, these are the perceived energy centers that we all have that govern the different aspects of our health – physical, emotional & spiritual. They are represented by different colours & the primary focus is generally associated with the area of the body they are located & then the various parts of us that are connected to that area. The Chakra system originated in Eastern Medicine systems & believes that true health is only possible if all Chakras are able to hold & move energy both individually and synergistically with all Chakras in balance & working in harmony.

Whilst Homeopathy comes at this from a slightly different perspective there is much cross over and shared understanding & there are some Homeopaths who practice Homeopathy exclusively from the Chakra perspective. Indeed I have prescribed on this basis myself on occasion with success and I am always grateful for the many different ways of achieving positive results for my Clients.

When I studied QTT Personal Development methods with it’s Creator & my Mentor Moira Geary, I was excited to embrace a similar system of understanding – The 7 Behavioral Codes. Whilst the 7 Codes are not the same as the Chakra system, again there are similarities and I have had the truth of these codes borne out time & time again in my own personal experience & with my Clients. To me they are an invaluable tool both with my QTT work, Life Coaching, Mentoring and now my Homeopathic practice, they make sense, they are simple & practical and offer deep understanding of Health & dis-ease.

We are all pre-programmed to ensure that each of these codes is fulfilled and in balance and if not all our behavior will be designed to help us to achieve whatever is missing or out of balance.

I would like to share them with you so that you can start to understand your own Health – how to know what to focus on to achieve positive results & avoid feeling like you are going around in circles! Once we understand these codes of behavior & how they apply to ourselves, we can also start to perceive them in others & inevitably greater understanding and empathy follow. We have all the time in the world at the moment to understand ourselves better and emerge whenever this Lock down comes to an end with clarity about what we want, what we need and how to achieve it. This is an opportunity for self discovery & growth – if we are to enjoy a better external world we need to start with our internal world first!

So today I’m going to start with the First Behavioral Code which is located in our Base Chakra, the lower pelvis & abdomen, (we are starting at the base & working up the body). This is possibly the code most active for many, many people at the moment. It is all about our primal need to survive, to feel safe, to have certainty. If we feel these needs are being met & pretty much have always been met, we have this code in balance & it almost doesn’t matter what the external circumstances are. However if we don’t feel that this is the case, for whatever reason, then our behavior will be driven by the need to try and create Safety, Certainty, Survival. How we choose to do that will depend on our life experiences so far & how we have interpreted those experiences – what values & beliefs we have chosen. The majority of people who are living in quite severe fear & anxiety because of Covid 19 & all the resulting alterations to their lives are probably already quite anxious & fearful people due to earlier damage to this code. Imagine if you are the child of angry & unpredictable parents or parents that could not meet your basic human needs for love & safety – you may have learnt that the world is not a safe place. You may choose to replicate the violent behavior offered to you by those who were meant to give you safety & security, in an attempt to control others & make it more safe for you? Or you may choose to be as quiet, helpful & indispensable as you can in order to make it more safe? You may cling to others rules for safety or allow yourself to be dominated or controlled in an attempt to achieve a sense of safety? Whatever your behavior, if you fundamentally lack an internal sense of safety or security then much of your actions will be an attempt to plug that hole. You may find it very difficult, if not impossible to instigate or sustain any lasting changes to your patterns of behavior without addressing this deep imbalance. We often experience physical pathology in the area that we have the most damage emotionally & even thinking about whether we feel safe or not will produce a sensation or feeling in the lower abdomen. People unwittingly will put their hands on this area or direct their hands towards it.

That’s why part of understanding whether a Clients presenting dis-ease is originating in damage to any particular code is an integral part of accessing the most appropriate approach for them. It’s also key to understanding the importance of protecting & maintaining a healthy balance in each code & is vital to preventing damage from happening in the first place – prevention is always better than cure! If everyone around us including the Media, our families, our friends etc are all telling us ‘It’s not safe’, it’s very hard to continue to maintain a healthy perspective, We need daily practices and reminders that we are safe & secure – QTT Personal Development Methods are just so brilliant for this because they are tailored to the needs of each person. Homeopathy is a beautiful complement & support in times of need, the 2 modalities seem made for each other to me and this is born out by the results my Clients get by working with both. So if you are feeling particularly fearful, anxious or insecure at the moment, consider working with me to help settle this First Behavioral code & any others that may be in need of re-alignment & support.

In the next Blog I will explain The Second Behavioral Code & how to recognise if that is in need of some TLC or not.