Why ‘Face to Face’ is important!

Some time ago I attended a fascinating online seminar about the ancient art of Face reading – ‘Al Ferasa’. This amazing ancient skill originated in the Middle East with The Bedouin people as a vital part of their ability to identify whether the many different tribes they came across, as they travelled across a huge area, were friends or foe.

‘Al Ferasa’ means to look deeply at something and understand what lies behind it – a way of looking and seeing that deeply resonates with the way I practice Homeopathy & QTT Personal Development work.

The Bedouin understood that the most important parts of life are the interactions or connections we experience with others & this is not always through the spoken word.  Having the ability to instantly navigate and shortcut our understanding of another’s personal and communal story and therefore being able to tailor our own behaviour’s and communication methods accordingly, can drastically affect how successfully we experience those interactions with others. Indeed our inate ability to instantly ‘read’ and feel others overriding or underpinning emotions or intentions, are hard-wired into us and inform us at a ‘gut’ level –  do we want to continue a relationship or run away from it?! First impressions are intuitive but like all intuition, they are based on the energetic exchanges we experience at a conscious and sub-conscious level.

This art developed long before the science behind it’s seemingly uncanny accuracy could be put into language and explained logically, but  now with the work of scientists like Fritz Strack or Paul Ekmans, (as recently as the 1980’s),we understand that our faces are made up of hundreds of tiny muscles. Muscle movements follow certain emotions and emotions trigger certain muscle groups, so if you do a certain type of emotion repeatedly eg sadness/grief, it will show in the lines and tissue arrangements in your face. Although we may speak different languages orally – most human emotions are expressed facially quite universally, so this ability to ‘read’ faces actually transcends – and some say precedes – the spoken language.  A modernised version of this is used in sectors like criminal profiling, Business consultancy, anti-fraud, and many therapeutic models. You could say that this precedes modalities like NLP (Neuro-liguistic Programming).

I could go on and tell you more about this amazing art, but I’ll leave you to read further and give some links below. I found it particularly interesting because the sentiments behind it actually form a big part of my experience as a Homeopathic Practitioner & as a QTT Personal Development Coach.

I often get asked by parents, for example, ‘do I need to bring my child to consultations?’.  Sometimes if I know that child well ,and we’ve been ‘face to face’ either online or in person, then prescribing without them being present is OK, but it is always going to be a better informed and more individual prescription once I’ve seen the child. This is because there is so much information that I get from observing not only their face – eg it’s colour, how the eyes look, any rashes, eruptions, dryness etc – but also how they move & interact, both with me and with their parents or siblings. My years of clinical experience mean that I very quickly tune in to my Client’s overall energy and can instantly assess any changes – often better than a busy parent of several other kids who may be too busy sometimes to stop and appreciate subtle shifts in energy.

Similarly with Adults – we unconsciously react with all of our bodies to certain triggers. We may change colour facially, we may tear up, we may look away or in a certain direction or we may unwittingly place our hands in certain positions or on particular parts of our body. All of this is information for me & helps me to understand you better.

Many of us can recall times when we’ve met someone and taken an instant dislike to them or we instinctively feel that someone we’ve just met is not to be trusted or indeed when we meet people who we are immediately at ease with and we are drawn to – these are examples of this unspoken ‘reading’ of someone else’s energy. Many pet owners report that their dogs or even cats seem to know when they are sad or cross and respond accordingly – this energy exchange and recognition is not confined to humans!

My work as a QTT Practitioner delves deeper into this kind of mapping and ‘reading’ of not only peoples outward physionomy but of patterns of behaviours and long standing beliefs that we all adopt in order to be as safe as we can in the world. Just because we choose to adopt these beliefs – as a reaction to certain situations or traumas or the behaviour of others – does not mean that we need to continue them for the rest of our lives if they are no longer helping us. They can be deeply inhibiting and restrictive and being able to let go of them and ‘re-wire’ ourselves can be unbelievably rewarding and liberating. Indeed this is what can be the root of dis-ease – when a survival strategy originally adopted for good reason, no longer works for us and actually inhibits us from moving forward or fully participating in life. Our conscious mind wants us to move forward and continue developing but our sub-conscious mind, (which is actually responsible for the majority of all decisions we make), stops us because it is stuck in a pattern of over protection. This inner conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind is what creates ‘dis-ease’, and physical symptoms are produced as a result of this emotional dis-ease. This is what Homeopathic remedies & QTT methods excel at helping to resolve, because we are always looking at Health in the physical, mental/emotional and the spiritual realm.

When used together the deceptively simple but awesomely successful QTT methods with an appropriate Homeopathic remedy  can enable a deeper, faster & more sustainable journey towards transformation.

So coming full circle – Yes I do need to see you or your children either in the same room or online** as part of the consultation process – and now you know why!

** Update – a recent study has supported that face to face. eye to eye contact online is as effective as in the same room, so don’t let geography stop you from working with someone you resonate with!

Further reading:-

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The whole field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s also makes for interesting reading! Just google any of these.

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