The Sweetest Nectar is within – (Women)!

My passion is to help Women recover themselves inside & out. Using a bespoke blend of Natural Health Tools I offer myself & my skills as a guide, a support, a faciitator & ‘Medicine Woman’ for you during your own personal Journey towards optimum physical, emotional & spiritual Health.

Why do I believe this is important? Well firstly as a Woman who has ‘Journeyed’  some way already to recover myself so that I feel happier & more free than ever before in my life, I want to share  the many different, Holistic & Natural ways that helped me. I have a wide variety of skills & knowledge available to me to share with you. Also I believe that we are in a time of transition world-wide, a time when many, many Women are coming together, collaborating & instigating meaningful, transformative changes to help create a better World for us & for our Children.

As Women we are starting to wake up after a deep slumber, centuries of negotiating our way, in a World dominated by a pre-dominently Masculine way of doing things. Women have been trained to be either submissive, quiet, compliant or to achieve ‘success’ using Masculine methods & measurements. The world is a mess at the moment and both Men & Women are unhappy, fearful & out of balance with themselves & each other. Adopting an exclusively Masculine way of running things has not worked, it’s time we tried something more inclusive, less competative, less Linear & Materially based.

More & more Women are coming together in collaborative groups to re-discover themselves, their unique femaleness & how to express that healthily & productively. Rather than continuing the illusion that we don’t need each other, that we are all separate & that we should all ‘Mind our own Business’, women are finding that the reverse is True. Recent events have only strengthened that for many, with womens circles & groups springing up & growing exponentially online & Internationally. We are re-connecting with our inate inner wisdom, our ‘Intuition’, learning to listen to it, to trust it & to act on it more. I know from my own personal experience & my Clinical experience of  groups & working one to one how vital this support can be when we are committed to becoming fully Us.

The Dali Lama alledgedly said that ‘The World will be saved by Western Women’! I’m witnessing women from all over the Globe, not just The West, coming together to do things differently, joining up to try to make a positive difference. Trying to effect change from a Female perspective rather than a Male & it’s working bit by bit. We don’t hear much about what’s happening because our News outlets do not focus on this kind of Story…..I have included some links below to some of the amazing Women led instigations that are effecting positive change. You may like to follow them for inspiration or support them in whatever way you can.

There’s no Blue print to what a Woman is – She is all things all at once, and it is that very complexity that emables a fluidity, an ability to move with ease through different circumstances & people, to adapt. But to lean into those skills & use their power we need to be as fully Healthy as we can – Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually – so we can have sufficient nurturing energy to sustain our own Optimum Health as well as support others. Someone once said that we cannot share from an empty cup.  A Wise Woman said,  Actually we need that cup to have enough to spill over into the Saucer & then we can give from the Saucer to others (if we choose to). The cup must remain full at all times otherwise we are taking from ourselves.

When we are fully Healthy we can do anything – any job, any task, any activity, there’s nothing that we can’t do as well as Men. What we need to understand is that when we are Healthy we do these things in a different way than Men. We are not the same, we do not operate in the same way, we do not percieve things in the same way & our energy is not the same. If we do not recognise this, ‘Lean into it’, embrace it & nurture it, we just exhaust ourselves, we feel like imposters & defer to stronger energy whenever challenged.

So what is Female Energy? How we express it is personal & unique so pinning it down will never fully encompass what it is to be in the skin of a Woman. Many of us have been trying to squeeze ourselves into an ‘either or’, to decide which of the many personas is ‘really us’ – a confusing & often schitzophenic process that leads to us cutting off vital parts of ourselves, feeling split & internally conflicted. Women are multi-faceted, it’s part of our ability to manoevre & adapt. I enjoy my solitude, to be quiet, reflective, introspective & apart from people, I actually need it regularly to feel healthy, AND I also like a wild, sociable party with Friends with loud music, wine & dancing! I have a strong side of me that is a woman of the natural world, lying in the grass, feeling the earth, listening to the birds, AND I also like a great day shopping with a friend, spending money & stopping for coffees etc. I can be calm, understanding, empathetic & nurturing AND I can be passionate, dogmatic, fierce & warrior like. I can be driven, ambitious, goal orientated & productive AND I can be soft, yielding, needy & tearful. I like flat shoes (more & more these days!!), AND sometimes only a Heel will do!  I could go on but the point is I am all these things & more and I do not have to choose to be any one of them permenantly because that could make me inflexible, unadaptable, fixed. Most importantly denying parts of myself would take energy, energy that can be used better to become conscious of all the parts of me & harness their unique abilities & powers to nurture myself & others.

What I believe Women have in common is some measure of drive to share, to collaborate, to nurture & care for themselves, each other, The Natural world & of course our Men. Our ability to consider all angles, to comprehend the bigger picture & make decisions that benefit as many members of our group as possible, rather than single individuals, is a female trait. (Nb, this is not to say it’s not present in Men, just that it is female energy rather than male. We all need to express both to be fully Healthy.)

The older & wiser I get the more comfortable I am with all that makes Me, Me. The better able I am to establish boundaries that help me stay healthy & allow me to grow so I can be the best version of myself possible. It’s been a life long Journey & one that is far from over! Incidentially I don’t necessarily think age has anything to do with this Journey although Life experiences have – I work with many incredible women much younger than myself who have taught me so much from their own Journeys as well as benefiting from what I have given them.

The best Healing Spaces are collaborative I believe and I am always open to whatever teaching my Clients give me as well as whatever experience, knowledge & Natural Medicine skills I can share with my Clients. Achieving True Health is not an event, there’s no magic pill or wand! It’s a Journey, a process of self discovery and for Women, this is largely played out internally as we transition through Life’s stages. We can committ more consciously to this Journey whenever we feel is right for us and we can choose what to focus on first – it doesn’t matter where we begin as long as we begin! Any Journey begins with the first step & this has to be the knowledge that it is a process, it takes time & it takes committment. In order to be sustainable & therefore successful there is no one size fits all, the pace & the healing methods are tailormade to your needs at any one time. What works beautifully for some women, does nothing for others which is why I love Homeopathy – a gentle, effective system of Natural Medicine that adapts to suit the needs of each individual who chooses it. This is bespoke Healthcare that gets results.

My dream is to encourage as many as I can, particularly Women, to committ to their own Health Journey, to make choices that are going to pay dividends in the Long term as well as the Short, because it’s only when we are fully Healthy that we can make real, lasting changes that can help create a better world.

I really hope that you can take that first step on your own Journey or are able to step onto the Path again, I wish you every success & if you think I can help you in any way please book a free ‘Clarity Call’ with me or email me to find out more.

I’ve started a list of links to inspiring women & their work. Please have a look & let me know if you can recommend any others to share – you never know what will touch someone & trigger positive changes…

Tree Sisters – Charity set up by the Inspirational Clare Dubois – changing the World one tree at a time.

Seed Freedom/Navdanya International – set up by Dr Vandana Shiva – Indian Environmentalist & Champion of sustainable Farming & Food Production methods.

The Trailblazery – set up by Kathy Scott – collaborations to facilitate, support & champion Irish Culture, Language, Music, Art, Literature & Mythology

The Heroines Journey by Maureen Murdock – the first woman to articulate that a Womans Journey through Life was not the same as a Mans. Recommended Reading.

When Women Rise Rooted by Sharon Blackie – Brilliant read describing the Authors own Journey with finding her Celtic roots & recovering herself in the process.

Youtube Video collating Womens voices of prayer for a better more female centric world, by Sophie Bashford – beautiful & inspiring


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