Our 7th Behavioural Code – Connection, Belonging, No Seperation.

If you haven’t already read about the other 6 codes, you may want to start at the beginning of this Blog series on ‘Our 7 Behavioural Codes’.

Our 7th Code both provides us with & is fed on a deep sense of connection, not only to a wider ‘tribe’ or group of like minded souls but to something more universal, a sense of belonging to the world and everything in it. The sense of all of us being connected and able to nourish, support and heal each other on an energetic level. This can only come when we feel this within ourselves and about ourselves – when we feel both nothing and everything at the same time.

I think of this code as being made up of rings of connection all sitting on top of each other – on the inside the personal connections we can have with our partners or friends or family, then the connections we make at school, college, in our jobs or our hobbies. The rings get wider & spread further & eventually some of us get to feel deep connections with people we may just ‘click with’ , who ‘get us’ & become our ‘Tribe’. We form communities that can cross countries, languages & continents, we understand that there isn’t really anything that separates us, we are all the same,  feeling the same feelings, dreaming the same dreams, all doing our best with what we have.

When we experience fleeting glimpses of what this energetic connection with everybody and everything feels like, it can bring tremendous peace & happiness. Just for a few moments most of what we think we are connected to, we disconnect from, in an overriding sense of freedom and being ‘un-tethered’, able to fly or float as part of everything. I believe this is true enlightenment and few of us are able to achieve more than brief glimpses in this lifetime.

Meditation, with practice can bring us close, practices like Yoga and Qi-gong can help us towards this. Self-care, connection to ourselves can give us the ability to know that it’s there, that it’s possible for us, and can enable a sense of true freedom that is felt in every cell of your body.

I’ve worked with Clients who have become out of balance in this code & are ‘unearthed’, living in their heads, finding it hard to focus or be in the material world. They have had an unusual amount of experience of this higher code & don’t want to come back! All their actions are driven by the need to feel it more & more  & they can find it very painful to be present & in their bodies. They also become incredibly & painfully sensitive to the world around them.

On the other end of the spectrum are those who deny this part of themselves, who are afraid of it & ridicule it, dismissing it as ‘woowoo nonsense’. My observation is that these are people who feel a deep sense of fear, a need to control everything, there’s no room for anything that cannot necessarily be explained with ‘Science’. The Irony being that True Science is open to all new discoveries & possibilities, that it is categorically NEVER settled. There are more and more studies and research projects every year that are supporting areas many thought to be ‘nonsense’.

More and more of us are starting to understand this need for connection and belonging, both to ourselves & each other. It is interesting that spiritual practices are on the increase worldwide & that one of the fabulous things to come out of the recent Lock-down situation was how successfully the internet appeared to bring people together to support each other. The enforced ‘pause button’ for many, enabled a realisation that their way of life was shallow, hollow, empty of deep meaning or nurture and they have used the time to work on starting to evolve & grow. Ultimately we can only do that for ourselves & often we need a guide to hold us & light the way for a time – that’s where I come in!

There are many ways & places to start our personal development journeys and you can start or work with whatever method of place resonates with you. Being able to access your own inate skills – your senses, your ability to connect, wordlessly with the world and with others all starts with your ability to connect with yourself. Often we need to start by recognising what is helping us & what is hindering us, then being clear about what we need to change or upgrade or let go of in order to evolve and grow to become as connected as we can possibly be.  We are meant to live as part of a tribe within one big tribe – we all, deep down, crave connection, collaboration – to fulfill our 7th Behaviourial code.

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