Modern Day Healers.

Not so very long ago, I would probably have been burnt at the stake, (and there are those who would still like to do that to Healers like me ……… or maybe it’s just me??!!haha). These days we are just given a verbal ‘roasting’ from time to time by Skeptics, Fear Mongers and Bigots who base their criticism largely in ignorance, Blind Faith (in Pharmaceutical Medicine) and pure Malice.   But are we – Modern day Healers – in fact, treated any differently from the Wise Women (and Men), Shamens, Herbalists and Healers of days of yore who stood in the way of larger enterprises touting ‘Modern’, ‘Scientifically proven’ methods of Healthcare, often from highly toxic materials but with expensive and well marketed campaigns behind them?   Why has the very term ‘Healer’  become synonymous with ‘Charleton’ or ‘Quackery’ instead of its true literal meaning – why is it that ‘Healing’ or being ‘Cured’ is seldom used in association with Pharmaceutical Medicine? Have we just accepted that if we are ill we do not ever get cured or healed, simply managed for the rest of our days with drugs??

Thankfully, there seems to be a growing number of us who are not content with this and are taking greater and greater responsability for our Healthcare needs, turning away from the over-dependency on Pharmaceutical medicine. Who are we and how do we manage to do this with huge successes in the management of our physical health, emotional health and spiritual health?

We are ordinary people who have personally experienced chronic illness that was unchanged or worsened by Pharmacetical medicine, so we turned, in desperation, to an alternative method and experienced significant improvements or cure. This has then opened a door to a whole world, and way of being in that world, that we never knew existed, but once known is impossible to ‘unknow’ . Many of us have then decided to learn all we can about whatever the healthcare method was and trained to become Practitioners ourselves. A great many of us continue this wonderful cycle of wisdom and healing by in turn teaching what we know and creating new generations of Healers. Many of us are happy to pass on what we know freely as long as we have enough to live ourselves, our methods are not expensive or patented or controlled by large corperations. But these same large corperations appear to be threatened by what we do and spend large sums in discrediting us or taking active steps to ensure that we are either, keeping our heads down ‘under the radar’ or put out of business. Why is this, is it simply because what we do actually works and it threatens their very existence? Is it that we are passing on fundamental information that changes how people view Health and Dis-ease, and that means more and more of us reducing or stopping our reliance on pharmaceutical medicine?

I think its useful to remember that this dominence of pharmaceutical medicine is historically recent and that a very damaging case of ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ was allowed to take place.  Many tried, tested and highly successful methods of healthcare, particularly for minor illnesses, were rejected and replaced by drugs. This current state of affairs of a disproportionate dominence by pharmaceutical medicine and the largly unquestioned power that it wields worldwide, along with a belief system that supports it being the ONLY true approach to healthcare, actually started from possibly one of the Worlds most successful marketing campaigns ever.

In the early 1900’s John D. Rockerfeller , Oil Baron, decided to harness the potential profits he saw in a partnership between the Oil industry and Drug Manufacturing. He needed to control both industries, but at the time more than half of qualified Doctors were also Herbalists or Homeopaths or both. He set about not only closing all Colleges that taught anything but pharmaceutical medicine, but ensuring that they stayed closed by engineering a brilliantly successful campaign of discrediting Herbalists, Homeopaths, Chiropractics and any other successful Health models. He had an almost bottomless pit of money to do this with a network of influential contacts worldwide who were only too happy to share in the proceeds. It was therefore easy to effect what amounts to a Healthcare Coup and set up a dictatorship regarding the use of drugs by all Practitioners.

Cut to present day when almost all of these unsubstantiated, unscientific claims, both for the drugs produced by Big Pharma and against a great many of the alternative methods of Healthcare, are just accepted as ‘The Truth’ by most people – including Governments, most of The Press and todays generation of consumers, who have never known a world where there was anything but pharmaceutical drugs as the only option for the treatment of disease.

BUT……for the first time in history the vast majority of consumers now have daily access to information about almost anything they care to search for, (the need for vigilence about sources and “fake news” notwithstanding.) Also, because most people have now experienced chronic illness and its devestating effects on whole families, despite or because of, the failure of pharmaceutical medicine, more and more thinking people are turning away from it and taking matters into their own hands or the hands of the Modern Day Healers. We are fed up with spending a fortune on ineffective drugs that just seem to make us sicker in a different way from the original illness, fed up with being talked down to and made to feel like idiots for asking about our own Health or its treatment, fed up of being dependent on so called ‘experts’. We are starting to question why, if Pharmaceutical Medicine is so fantastic are people sicker today than ever before? Why even the World Health Organisation stated recently that for the first time in History our children are sicker than us, their parents? Why once drugs are prescribed it is necessary to take them for the rest of our lives or illness comes back? We are craving basic ingredients to Health like good, real food, fresh air and some kind of connection with nature. We are starting to recognise that we need emotional and spiritual support, guidence and nurturing as well as the resolving of physical symptoms. We are realising that we can’t carve ourselves up into seperate compartments and treat each bit as if it has nothing to do with the rest of us.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for some aspects of pharmaceutical medicine and particularly in emergency cases, some surgeries and life saving procedures, however the disproportionate dominence and monopoly of day to day Healthcare using money spinning, inadequatley tested drugs that are quietly withdrawn once the detrimental effects become fully known, is frankly criminal.

More and more of us are organising ourselves into support groups or communities both online and off, and sharing information, supporting each other and protesting against injustices. We humans are built to live in communities not isolation and when we do we gain strength and vigour. Online communities can be just as valuable and nurturing as ‘live’ communities and, I believe we are starting to wake up and take back control of our lives – this is wonderful and envigorating and powerful.  Our children are starting to rebel against the previous generations restricting and valueless, ‘value systems’ of work, work, work, buy property, be afraid to lose that property, work, work, work, do what we are told, get pensioned off, get ill and die! They have seen great examples in previous generations, of how not to lead your life and they are either actively, or from necessity, rejecting it wholeheartedly and I applaud them!

What is unique about this new generation is that everyone has the potential to become their own Healer, because of the accessibility of information about good, nutritious food, supplements, emotional and spiritual health. We can harness modern technology to help us in this quest. We have Apps and websites and Social Media support groups devoted to Homeopathy, Meditation, good Nutrition, Herbal medicine, Qi Gong, Yoga, EFT, Mental/emotional Health and much more, as well as information about the harmful effects of Drugs, vaccines etc. Even if we live in remote, rural areas we can still access a variety of Practitioners via the internet and even have online consultations via Skype etc. Geography need no longer be a barrier to choices. We hear alot of complaining about the negative aspects of all this freedom of information and I absolutely agree that we must always strive to check and doublecheck where information is coming from, who is putting it out there and what their motives may be. Wikipedia is full of biased and unbalanced information and is not to be trusted as foolproof, just the same as the more traditional newspaper sites who are largely governed by Big Business and simply ignore or discredit any information that doesn’t fit in with their beliefs. I think this criticism of those of us who ask questions and seek information, is condescending and patronising – as if us ordinary mortals can’t possibly be trusted with this and that we will all end up poisoning ourselves and getting sicker? It’s hard to imagine people getting any sicker that they already have been for the past 50 years or so, under the dominence of the current system!

More and more of us are prepared to stand up and be counted in the face of great opposition eg Vera Twomey, the Cork Mum who refused to accept that she wasn’t allowed access to CBD Oil for her desperately ill child and has changed the law, or REGRET the organisation of parents with desperately ill daughters damaged by the HPV Vaccine here in Ireland, fighting for transparency and honesty from the vaccine manufacturers, or my amazing friend who cured herself of stage 4 breast cancer with a mix of Dietary Healing, The Gerson Therapy, Homeopathy, Meditation, and various other methods all bound together by solid research, experience and incredibly hard work. There are thousands of other examples and they are growing and growing.

My own experience of constantly learning about Healthcare and Lifestyle tools and methods, and sharing my successes and my failures in safe, mutually supportive online communities has given me newfound happiness and confidence in ways that I never thought were possible. As soon as I stepped away from feeling powerless and dependent on others for my healthcare needs, I found it to be hugely liberating and my health just goes from strength to strength. Everyone can have this on some level, no matter what illness they are experiencing and that is just wonderful. When I teach my ‘Homeopathy in Your Hands’ Home prescribing courses, I witness time and time again how much more powerful and confident parents feel once they can use remedies to manage an improve their families health.

Why shouldn’t us Modern Day Healers use all the tools of modern life to help us to be as healthy as possible, to take back power in to our own hands, to stop sticking our proverbial hands together in bounded servitude to the powers that be and meekly giving permission to them to do what they like with us without fear of any consequences? Yes, too much ‘screen time’ and devices can be detrimental to our health. But used in balance with fresh air, exercise, clean water, clean food, good quality sleep with regular emotional and spiritual practises that nurture us, they can enhance and enrichen our lives and give us back the control and responsibility that has been missing since Rockerfeller and his Cronies took over our Health in the 1900’s. Up the Revolution, I say!!

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