The joy of movement

Moving our bodies is vitally important, not only to help burn off excess energy, but to move our Lymph system and this can be difficult when you are spending 8 hours a day at a desk! The Lymph system is often overlooked and is not really understood by many health models, with the exception of the Indian Ayurverdic  system of medicine.  Our Lymph system is, in fact, much bigger than our blood system and while the blood is responsible for delivering nutrients to our cells, it is the Lymph that carries the debris or rubbish away. However unlike the blood system, Lymph cannot move unless we move and that is one of the principle reasons why we need to exercise. If we lead a predominantly static lifestyle the Lymph system too is static, becomes inflamed and rubbish starts backing up in the system.  The right Homeopathic prescription can help get things going but it will all happen much faster and more efficiently with some simple exercise. When we are busy juggling all the demands of a job and being a Parent, simple things that we can do in the house eg 10 mins daily on a small trampoline – or a large one with the kids! –  can really make a difference. Walking the dog or swimming regularly can be great, or bike riding either on your own or again with the kids.

Gentle regular movement such as Yoga, Pilates, and my personal favourite, Qi Gong, can really help strengthen and tone the body and the mind and keep everything flowing as it should for optimum health. Hands on body work such as massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology and particularly Craniosacral therapy, can be extremely effective at clearing stagnation or blockages and work even more deeply and quickly when combined with Homeopathy. Choosing a model of exercise that’s right for you so you can sustain it, is also key – and in my experience, many of you constantly busy women out there need help with being still and quiet, reflective and calm, rather than frenetic, fast paced exercise. Gentle exercise like Yoga or Chi Gong definitely give a meditative element but also work muscles you didn’t even know you had! I would be cautious too of when you exercise – doing high energy work on a treadmill or bike or in a gymn when you are already highly stressed and anxious after a days work is not going to benefit you. In fact quite the reverse as it raises Cortisol levels and actually increases stress!

I think doing whatever gives you pleasure and in particular Joy, should be the rule of thumb, so make sure you have fun and feel good afterwards and that can be as simple as a game of ball with your children!

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