Prevention is better than Cure.

– this phrase has always resonated with me and I would actually add to it by saying that Prevention is also easier and less costly than cure –  both financially and time-wise. Waiting until we hit a health crisis and being forced to step away from our daily committments and throw time, money and resources at helping us to recover is more costly than embracing a way of life that nurtures us on an ongoing basis.

If you are familiar with me you’ll know that I have a particular interest in helping busy women to re-gain their physical, emotional and spiritual health and once they are well, teaching them how to stay well is just as important to me. 

 One of the first things to change when I work with women is an awakening of self-love and therefore self-care – a realisation of the importance of investing in themselves on a regular basis rather than waiting until a health crisis hits them and having to throw lots of energy and time and money at ‘firefighting’ whatever the illness is.

Teaching and supporting women to really understand their unique needs – what makes them well and what makes them unwell is the starting point for a complete change in health patterns. It comes with a recognition of how vitally important we all are FOR OUR OWN SAKES first and foremost, closely followed by, because of the responsibility we bear for the good health and welfare of those we care for – our children and other family members. It’s like that old advice given on airplanes – if you don’t put your own oxygen mask on first, you will be of no use to your children and will not be able to help them put theirs on!

Whether we women go outside the home to work or whether our work is solely focused on raising healthy, functioning small human beings, it is vital that we care for ourselves first, We simply cannot afford not to invest in ourselves and if we fail to do this regularly the result is often either a kind of perpertual burnt out state where we are operating at very low evergy levels and are therefore almost flat – tired, grumpy and likely to catch every illness going and unable to cope with the slightest changes in what’s expected of us. Or we develop some kind of chronic illness or debilitating acute illness that stops us in our tracks – our internal wisdom always knows how to make us stop!

But if we achieve balance in our lives and are mindful of eg when that 3rd late night on the trot is going to push us over the edge into exhaustion or we understand that when we eat badly or don’t get enough ‘me’ time that the inevitable result is dis-ease either physically or emotionally. Irritability or weepiness or both become regular states of being along with a lack of enough positive energy to deal with stuff calmly and effectively. We lose any clarity over everyday dilemnas and start to make bad decisions and judgement calls.

Once we invest in a conscious commitment to self care then all these states become less likely because we are not putting ourselves in a vunerable state. We are then far more able to live our lives healthily and happily. We drastically reduce the potential of both acute illness and chronic illness which as we all know is often difficult and expensive to address and recover from.

Many of my long term Clients, having achieved whatever health goals they set out to achieve with me, have learnt how to do this very well and by taking the relevent Homeopathic remedies at appropriate times, eating well, getting enough sleep, fresh air, exercise and time to pursue whatever makes them happy and joyful, they have taken back control of not only their lives, but often that of their children and other family members as well. Part of this awareness of self-care needs, also includes knowing when they need some outside help or guidence. Incorperated into their successful healthcare plan is a once or twice annual ToptoToe Healthcheck from me.  It helps identify any potential problems and head them off before they develop, keeps various essential organs working 100%, ensures healthy sleep and gives clarity over what may need to be put in place to ensure Premium health going forward. I think these regular check ups are vital and reinforce the idea of Prevention being superior to Cure. By the way, in Ancient China the Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor gets paid only while Patients are well, not when they are ill – something to think about! This is what one long term Client says:-

Rebecca helped me to recover from a long, long illness when I hadn’t had any success anywhere else. That was almost 5 years ago now! I have been pretty well since but I do find that i am better with a check up with Rebecca every now and then to keep me on track”.

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I am passionate about supporting my Clients in making a commitment to regular healthcare, and part of that is learning how you can use simple Homeopathic Home Prescribing yourselves to treat your family for minor illnesses and avoid costly pharmaceuticals that always carry side effects. If you are interested in finding out more about my courses – either in person if you live locally or my online course of videos so you can learn at your own pace and become a member of my online support group just click here. to go to my ‘Courses’ page.

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