Are you choosing Clean or Dirty Food?

I am Pro Healthcare choice just the same as I am Pro having a choice in almost every aspect of Life as a Human in a truly Free & Democratic Society. That means that I choose what to put on and in my body starting with the foods I eat & including my choices in medicines. I am totally cool with your choices even if they aren’t the same as mine  – this includes vaccination. This Blog is not focusing on vaccination but I am using it as an example of why the other choices you make about what goes into your body are more important than ever.

What I would like to encourage is that as many people as possible understand the implications of the choices they make as fully as possible, and that includes any possible effects on the body, or mind or both. That means having as much information available to help you make that choice in the full knowledge of any possible risks. If that information is kept from you or not available to you – is it really a choice and what does it say about your freedom to make the “right choice”?

With that in mind, if you have chosen or are choosing to vaccinate, understand that the same as any other pharmaceutical drug – (which a vaccine is by the way) – you are asking your body to take in, process & manage a foreign substance. Your system has to extract the benefits & eliminate the not so beneficial or potentially toxic parts of any foreign substance.  It takes quite a lot of energy to do that efficiently & quickly even if a substance or drug is taken in via the usual entry point ie orally, through our digestive system. It can be a little like sorting the wheat from the chaff & often bits of chaff get through despite our best efforts! Anyone already suffering from digestive issues will already know how uncomfortable it can be just trying to efficiently take in food & break it down, never mind anything else!

In the case of bypassing this Front Door Defence System & injecting straight into the blood supply – because this is not how we are meant to take in & process foreign material – a great deal more energy is required to ensure safe & effective processing. All ‘Emergency services’ are called upon because now this foreign material is in our transport system without having been vetted or checked. It could potentially effect any part of us, any organ that the blood supply is meant to feed. One of the reasons vaccines are injected, is to bypass the body’s natural defence system which often would effectively just pass the drug out, there is a greatly reduced probability of this happening if it goes straight into the blood. But as I said your body is in emergency mode making sure that it does everything it can to mitigate potential damage, process & manage this ‘back door’ entry.

Therefore, ensuring that you have as many tools already to hand in your body’s ‘toolshed’, to support this AND for ongoing work – because this is not an overnight process – is essential. There will be a world of difference in the health & ability of a relatively clean system with good immunity & ability to digest & eliminate with ease, and someone who eats badly, is already full of toxins, doesn’t exercise or get fresh air etc etc. So what I am saying is don’t take your eye off the ball people – just because you have taken a vaccine does not mean that’s the end of your healthcare.

One of the most vital choices you can make is to minimise your intake of any further potentially toxic substances which will mean that energy will be taken away from processing any big foreign substance eg a vaccine, and used to manage this added toxicity. So re-doubling your ability to choose healthy, clean foods is essential. How do we do this? Ideally, we choose Organic whenever possible – not always because it has more available nutrients but because they do not have pesticides. I’m aware that sometimes that can be hard, either because produce is in short supply or out of season or your budget does not allow for it. The good news is we can still make good choices with the help of 2 lists compiled by the Environmental Protection Agencies:-

  1. The Dirty Dozen – The top 12 most toxic veg & fruit – scrubbed, washed, peeled as you would at home, then tested for pesticide content. This years list is out & for example Kale contains 17 different pesticides, citrus fruits were found to have 20 times more than the acceptable safe limit for kids & Strawberries are top of the list. This is nearly always true since they grow close to the ground within reach of more insects/slugs/snails etc & are therefore heavily sprayed while growing, as well as to preserve them after picking.
  2. The Clean 15 – The top 15 veg & fruit that were found to be relatively free of pesticides or even devoid of them altogether. This years list includes onions, avadocados, broccoli, mushrooms and more.

These 2 lists can be printed off in a handy small format for your purse or you can even download an App which scans barcodes & gives you a rating.  The App also covers cosmetics, skincare products, cleaning products etc – what we choose to put on our skin is just as important if we want to maintain as high a level of Health as possible.

At the time of writing it is still the absolute right of all of us to choose what we eat, drink, put on or into our bodies. This right to choose is in danger of being eroded – it can only happen if you let it happen. I will defend your right to choose whatever medical system you want, whatever food you want, whatever media you want to watch or books you want to read, your right to criticise or debate publicly or privately. Will you do the same for me? Without choice, informed choice including evaluations, opinions, evidence that contradicts government narratives, we do not live in a free, democratic society. When we agree to or ask for censorship, restrictions, the criminalisation of collective protests or the police having extraordinary powers of arrest & incarceration as punishment for disagreeing – we live in a dictatorship – is that what you are choosing?

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