Student Supervision

Why Student Supervision?

Also, I believe it is as important to learn about finding out about yourself, how you approach learning & how you approach managing your Clients & ultimately how you will set up & run your Practice once you graduate. 

The first step is to either email me or book a call with me so we can have a chat if you prefer. You can then book your sessions for us to go through your case or cases either online using Zoom or similar, or in person at my Clinic in Kerry.

Once you are closer to graduation you may consider working with me further by joining my Business Coaching Course ‘Pimp My Practice’ which I originally conceived to help graduates set up a viable business rather than an expensive hobby!

It isn’t essential for you to have just graduated to benefit from this course, it is of benefit to any small business owner or Health Practitioner at any stage of their journey. If you would like to know more, click on the button below & then let me know to add your name to the next roll out of the course.

I also offer group work on any areas of interest where you feel you may need clarity or more in depth discussion or an opportunity to go through cases with your peers & my experience to advise or guide. This can be online or in person, whichever suits you or even if there’s enough of you in one area, at your own Home. For more details & cost, please contact using the button below.

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