Why Homeopathy?

I believe a vital piece of Women journeying to recover themselves, reconnecting with our innate connection with the natural world & all the healing contained within it, is to find a reliable, accessible & safe system of natural medicine that cures without harm & can be used easily by women to treat themselves & their families. Once we start using these powerful & effective remedies, not only do we witness incredible results, but we gain knowledge & confidence in both the remedies & our own ability to heal.

My own experience with Homeopathy is echoed time & time again with the Women of all ages that I collaborate with – it works with a huge array of physical illnesses, helps instigate incredible shifts in emotional Health and even resolves complex spiritual issues. 

Children raised on Homeopathy as their primary system of healthcare, experience less minor illnesses, are stronger, more able to process the world without lasting damage & therefore will be more likely to develop into strong, healthy adults – this is my personal as well as my Clinical experience.

My Clients all report a feeling of increased calm & confidence during minor illnesses, a greater understanding of what is actually going on & a greatly decreased reliance on GP’s, A&E and Pharmaceutical Drugs. 
Regaining deep knowledge of & trust in our bodies, knowing that we can support any healing with Homeopathic remedies helps us to take back our power, our Feminine Intelligence, our rightful place as Intuitive, Nurturers & Caretakers. 

If you would like to read about Homeopathy in more detail,
read my Homeopathy FAQ’s or my series of Blogs entries on ‘Dispelling Myths’

Homeopathy Packages


“After seeing Rebecca, my son’s vomiting & nausea stopped, we had tried so many things before without results! iHaving my son back to normal, back on track, was just like magic, I cannot thank her enough! The best part is not only the remedies but her personal interest in each person & the aftercare she gives.”

Clinton, UK

“ Homeopathy is so effective and under-utilised by so many people. Rebecca treated me as a whole and took onboard everything I was experiencing and made sense of it, instead of treating just one symptom.”

Mary, Limerick

“Rebecca is such a compassionate practitioner, whose extensive knowledge has helped me and my family so much, treating both the physical and emotional and always spot on! I cannot believe that my children are almost 12 years old now and have never had an antibiotic!.”

Pauline, Kerry

“My son had eczema since birth. I tried various elimination diets with limited success including my own diet while he was exclusively breastfed.
His skin was the worst ever around Christmas 2016 – big weeping, red patches. After a couple of sessions with Rebecca & a few remedies, we really started to see improvements.”

Demelza, Kerry

“We saw Rebecca 4 times, since then my little girl – now nearly 3 years old – has been really well, no sign of the eczema or the constant coughing, & if she catches a cold or the flu she seems well equipped to get over it easily. Rebecca also treated my 2 other children & myself with equally impressive results and is the source of inspiration to begin my own journey in the study of homeopathy, so that I too will have the ability to heal on this level”

Maya Wild, Cork

“ I found Rebecca has an ability to bring forth from you, the information needed to access your needs on an emotional, mental, and physical level, I find this extraordinary and extraordinarily accurate. She is compassionate & caring without being invasive and has 100% client confidentiality. I have been able to call upon Rebecca, out of hours for emergencies, even while abroad, & have found that to be a precious gift. Rebecca’s knowledge, experience & wisdom makes her, in my opinion, an excellent Homeopath & I thank her for being there for me.”

Amantha, Kerry

“Rebecca always took time and care to fully understand my symptoms at each appointment and to explain why she was prescribing the remedies she had chosen. My IBS has significantly improved, I can now eat all food groups again & no longer fear trying new foods or foods that would had previously led to a flare up. In addition, my periods have begun to settle into a more regular pattern & I haven’t taken antibiotics in months!”

Hannah, UK

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