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Holistic Health Coaching

For many people with Chronic Illness or a recent diagnosis of a complex disease, there can be a confusing amount of possible choices of Healthcare or a seeming lack of choices. Ill Health often means low energy & therefore very little left to spend on researching different therapies that may or may not be appropriate for you.

Having a Holistic Health Coach who can help you identify your priorities & get clarity over what questions to ask Health Professionals, what you are willing to compromise on & what is non-negotiable can be invaluable. Also part of my role will be to provide you with simple, easy to use practices to support you through the tough days & help keep you focused on staying on your chosen path to better Health. 

Again my role is Agnostic – it’s whatever is going to work for you best so that may be some kind of Holistic Therapy or Pharmaceutical Medicine or both – you are in control, not me, I am there as your Advocate & your guide.

Further possible areas to consider
Coaching Support include
  • Achieving particular Job or Career Goals within a certain time frame.
  • Getting comfortable and confident with Public speaking – presentations, business pitches, leading meetings, giving workshops or leading a team of people.
  • Improving relationships – both personal and professional
  • Enhancing Parenting skills for parents of all age groups
  • Breaking destructive habits like smoking or too much sugar, and being able to instigate and sustain Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Conquering and controlling Fears, Phobias and Anxiety
  • Coming to terms with Loss, Grief or Trauma
  • Making the right decisions for you in any area of your life

To be sure that Coaching is the best choice for you,
book a free ‘Clarity Call’ with me first


I have a great deal of professional & life experience both as a small Business owner & Health Practitioner of almost 20 years, & prior to that Head of TV Production within a busy International Ad Agency, as well as being a working Mum of 2 now adult children. I have also been mentoring students & graduates of Homeopathy for years.

My QTT Personal development skills & Coaching programmes mean that I am more than qualified to help you: 
  • Find solutions to whatever problems you may be stuck on.
  • Identify any goals or targets that will help you either professionally or personally
  • Put together strategies and daily practices that will help you to achieve any goals or targets
  • Benefit from my expertise in setting up as a small business or Health Practitioner
  • Supporting you through Chronic illness and helping you to make the right choices for you.
  • Achieving a healthy Work/Life Balance and avoiding overwhelm & exhaustion.

If you would like to work with me in this capacity you can book an hour session online or in-person, or please click on the link below to get in touch if you would like to commit to regular sessions/a package of sessions.


“ I feel that I have been truly supported as Rebecca has been able to guide me to find my own answers, giving me honest feedback without judgment & in the spirit of self-inquiry.”

Siobhan, Kerry

“Rebecca has generously shared her vast knowledge & experience as a compassionate, reliable & insightful practitioner. She has inspired confidence in my abilities, so that I always leave with a much clearer sense of myself & what I’m doing. I feel that I have grown & improved significantly under her support & guidance..”

S. McConville

“Rebecca is a great communicator & has an ability to draw necessary information from you without being invasive or judgmental.”

G. O’Grady, Kerry

“I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone….. I feel I have a belt armoured with tools since going to her!”

Brid, Co Kerry

“Before going to Rebecca I felt that the voice I once had, had turned into a whisper & I had felt less confident in using it. I knew I had all these tools inside me however they had become rusty….. The 1:1 coaching sessions helped me to take stock of what was important & what I needed to let go of in order to continue growing & flourishing…. Now I feel more confident in myself & in my decision making, I don’t question myself as much….Rebecca helped me to gain confidence & not be afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone. I feel like the fire within me has been re-lit & I feel like a new stronger, more adaptable person”

Brid Spillane, Co. Kerry

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