What to expect from a QTT session.

I like to start off working with all my Clients on a One to One basis – either in person or on line using Skype or something similar.

A full Initial QTT Introductory session is always comprised of two appointments approximately 2 hours each in length and roughly 2 weeks apart.  It’s important that we follow up and assess results as well as addressing any remaining issues. These first 2 sessions are very much about identifying the main, limiting issues that may well be running underneath everything that you do & once you are able to release or change these, there is a ripple effect and how you feel about many issues changes.

What’s so different and refreshing about QTT is the results are immediate – you will not be the same at the end of  a consultation with me as you were when you walked in! 

All of us are aware of our conscious minds and the decisions that we make on a daily basis but we are less aware of the decisions that we make that are informed by our sub-conscious minds. In fact, our sub-conscious minds are responsible for the vast majority of our behaviors and beliefs and therefore our decisions. 

We need much of our behaviors & reactions to be automatic so that energy can be available to make complex on the spot evaluations and decisions eg breathing or withdrawing from extreme heat to avoid being burnt or knowing how to drive or perform other tasks without having to make a conscious effort. The subconscious mind is responsible for these essential automatic tasks but it is also responsible for our beliefs, fears, anxieties etc and how we protect ourselves from triggers that may lead to us experiencing those uncomfortable feelings. Often our responses to past experiences or traumas are set up as our hard wiring – like computer code that runs automatically when triggered by certain circumstances.

Both parts of our minds have the same goal ultimately – to protect us. But often the way we choose to do this can become very limiting and no longer works to enhance our lives. It’s not until we can identify and release these sub-conscious ‘programmes’ running in our backgrounds, that we can instigate deep &  lasting changes. 

During our consultations I will be helping you to identify & understand your unique ‘codes’ and then guiding you with appropriate QTT processes during the session, to enable you to shift, re-programme or release anything that you identify is stopping you from doing whatever you want or contributing to you feeling stuck, in conflict or like you have a voice inside you that constantly sabotages your efforts to make your life better. 


I will also, if applicable, help you with on-going practical exercises or changes to help you to maintain improvements and experience your life from a different perspective. In short you will feel differently about whatever you have been struggling with & have better clarity over what you need to continue to feel positive, confident, and happy.

I will ask you what issues, beliefs, patterns of behavior or emotions you think are holding you back or stopping you from feeling how you would like to feel or doing what you would like to do. Don’t worry if you are experiencing trouble getting clarity over this, it’s my job to help you get that clarity!

Your story, your reactions, your emotional make-up and the way you view the world is unique to you and not the same as mine or anyone else. It’s very important that I have clarity over your experience, so I may repeat what I have heard in order to check that I have it correctly.

I am looking for patterns of behaviour and possible underlying emotions or beliefs, therefore I may interrupt you to ask questions. Please do not think I am being rude or not listening to you.

My role is to listen and understand you, and then help you to release or change anything that you may be finding is stopping you from making progress or being happy & healthy. It is not to diagnose, tell you what to do or ‘fix you’. I will show you how to do that yourself!

You are in control of your session and what you want to achieve so we will start by discussing what that may be and being clear about how you will know whether you have achieved what you set out to do.

If you have any further questions please sign up at the bottom of this page for my FREE ‘Q&A’phone/online call before you book. If you feel ready to book you can do that here.

I very much look forward to meeting you. 




Words from a recent Client.

“I have recently been introduced to Rebecca through a friend who suggested I meet with her to talk about hormone balancing and overall energy levels. When I arrived I wasn’t sure what to expect 😂 and what I got was so far removed from anything I could have imagined yet the impact that first & subsequent meetings have had has been quite extraordinary.

While Rebecca, has given me fantastic remedies which are clearly helping with energy & hormones, the real work we have done has been tapping into the underlying theme of “grief” and that feeling of “not being good enough” that I have been carrying around for years.

Using some of her new QTT training & exercises Rebecca has brought me to a place where I feel I can leave some of that “baggage” behind and feel confident “in the now”. She has also given me some coping strategies & suggestions to avoid going back into negative behavior.

Thank you to Rebecca for opening up a world of possibilities, for enabling me to feel more hopeful for what the future “me” might look like but also helping me to acknowledge that where I am right now is just fine too.”

SK July 20019

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