I am blessed to live in the beautiful Irish countryside with my husband and – until very recently – my 2 grown up ‘kids’. We moved from London in 2003 to be close to my husband’s parents,slow down and breathe fresh air!

Like most women I’ve had my ups and downs over these years and as a Mother, a wife and in my work as a Natural Health Practitioner I have met many of Life’s challenges head on and tackled a number of the bigger issues that were hindering me.

On the face of it I think most people who meet me would think that I was pretty confident and doing well and in many, many ways I am! However I’m human and I’ve lived a long time now so there are always challenges that come up that enable me to take a look at my responses to other people & to life events. QTT and Homeopathy has enabled me to be much more aware of my own beliefs, emotions and responses and to recognise whether these behaviours are helping me to live in the way that I want to live, or whether they may be contributing to me feeling bad about myself or keeping me stuck in some way. QTT methods have given me the tools to efficiently and quickly let go or change anything I find is holding me up in any way.

When I first discovered QTT, the first big change that I experienced was a total shift in my feelings around public speaking and doing anything where I was speaking directly to camera – even having a photograph taken of me was deeply uncomfortable and made me feel inadequate and self-conscious. I had spent most of life feeling like this despite a previous very successful career as a TV commercials Producer. I had become very skilled at avoiding as many situations as possible that put me in that position! After one QTT session, within 2 weeks I did a public presentation and workshop at a big event and not only did it go exceptionally well, but I felt energised and really uplifted and pleased with myself afterwards – none of the usual turning every awkward moment over in my head or beating myself up for all the things I thought had gone wrong or mistakes I thought I’d made!

I now make videos and do FB lives on a weekly basis and have even put together an online learning course to teach people how to use Homeopathic remedies themselves to treat minor illnesses so that they can feel more confident and in control & spend less time and money at the GP or A&E or The Pharmacist. (Click here to find out more.)

As the years go by I get stuck less and less often, and if I do, I know I can call upon one of the many QTT techniques to help me accept, change or release anything that is contributing to that stuckness. I know that I am a much calmer, rational and tolerant person to live with and that has had a positive, ’ripple’ effect on my whole family!


I mentioned that my young adult(ish!), children were still living with me until recently. Recently, my first ‘Baby’, my daughter of 23 moved out to set up her own Home with her Boyfriend. I am so happy for her,  that she has someone who loves her and that she is able to lead her own life. However it still bought up lots of feelings for me of loss, of letting go, of missed opportunities, the end of an era and my own experience of moving away from Home for the first time. Being able to understand all these potentially very unsettling feelings and calm them or process them and in some examples change them using QTT techniques was invaluable. 

What’s so different and refreshing about QTT is the results are immediate – you will not be the same at the end of  a consultation with me as you were when you walked in! The work I’ve personally done using QTT personal development techniques have opened up my life in a number of ways and shown me that I don’t have to accept aspects of my behaviors or responses as part of me, part of my character. I spent a long time trying to learn skills to manage or negotiate around various uncomfortable feelings or knee jerk responses because I thought they were what made me, me and could never be changed. This is so not true! You can read here about another really big thread for me which was needing everything to be perfect & flawless, which stemmed from a period of my life where I felt that I could never measure up to certain standards & would therefore be criticised or judged to be a failure. My goodness it was exhausting and meant I was pretty hard to live or work with!

Pretty much anything that you decide isn’t working for you, is stopping you from doing something that you want to do, can be changed if you want to. Just because you’ve been reacting in the same way to certain triggers for years and years, doesn’t mean that you have to keep on doing it and that’s so liberating! I have been able to let go and change so many negative behaviors and I am so much more confident, peaceful,tolerant and joyful now and I want the same for You.

Our lives are always changing and the definition of Health is our ability to adapt to change successfully and in a way that protects and sustains us, enables us to be Us in our own unique, individual way. That’s my goal, what drives me to offer this special way of working with people – to help you become You….with Wings!!

I’m so happy to be able to expand my practice and offer QTT Personal Development methods to my Clients so you can experience your own changes and releases to feel as relaxed, happy and confident as you can in any situation.




Have a look at an interview I did with the wonderful Moira Geary, creator of QTT Personal Development and Coaching techniques. It will tell you a bit more about how these techniques helped me.

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