I have a great deal of professional & life experience both as a small Business owner & Health Practitioner of almost 20 years, and prior to that Head of TV Production within a busy International Ad Agency as well as being a working Mum of 2 now adult children. I have also been mentoring students & graduates of Homeopathy for years.

My QTT Personal development skills and Coaching programmes mean that I am more than qualified to help you:-

  • Find solutions to whatever problems you may be stuck on.
  • Identify any goals or targets that will help you either professionally or personally
  • Put together strategies and daily practices that will help you to achieve any goals or targets
  • Benefit from my expertise in setting up as a small business or Health Practitioner
  • Supporting you through Chronic illness and helping you to make the right choices for you.
  • Achieving a healthy work:Life Balance and avoiding Overwhelm & exhaustion.

If you would like work with me in this capacity you can book an hour session from my bookings page or please click on the link below to get in touch if you would like to commit to regular sessions/a package of sessions.


  • I appreciate the huge support I got from Rebecca during my third year training as a student homeopath. I feel that I have been truly supported as Rebecca has been able to guide me to find my own answers, giving me honest feedback without judgment and in the spirit of self-inquiry. She has generously shared her vast knowledge and experience as a compassionate, reliable and insightful practitioner. She has inspired confidence in my abilities, so that I always leave supervision with a much clearer sense of myself and what I am doing. I feel that I have grown and improved significantly under her support and guidance and I would recommend Rebecca to any student of Homeopathy. Thank you Rebecca.

    – Siobhan McConville –

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