WhyEssential Oils?

Of all our powerful 5+ senses, our sense of smell is the most closely linked to our memories & feelings. I’m sure most of us just need to smell a certain something to transport us straight to a memory or an emotion or a person. It warns us of danger eg burning, rotten food or something in the past that has injured or harmed us. It can transform the atmosphere of a room, calming or stimulating depending on the choice of oil.

Oils have also always been used in cooking to enhance flavour or increase the effect of certain foods and so making seasonal herbs or fruits or spices available for longer.

They are also used topically, mostly in the west in massages, but using them in particular areas of our bodies is often the most effective way to access their powerful properties.

I may choose to introduce you to a single oil or a combination of oils to help support you in your healing or sometimes as an alternative perfume to the highly toxic perfumes that many women have been using for years. These perfumes can contribute to ill health & often ‘dumb’ down both our own sense of smell & the ability to connect with others through smell – something we do automatically at a primal level.

I have chosen to work primarily with DoTerra Essential Oils since the quality of the oils is high & they also work hard to support & re-generate the sources of the original plants as well as the workers who harvest & process it. You can enquire about using oils at your consultations or you can simply order direct from DoTerra using the link below. This takes you to my shop where you can opt to place one off orders or set up your own account which means that you can order products at a reduced rate. You will also become eligible for the many special offers & free oils that are a regular feature. If this is something that interests you, do email me for more details or book a free call. Have a look around first using the button below

If you would like to find out more about how I work with essential oils, book a free ‘Clarity Call’ with me by adding your details to the form below

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