One of my passions is to help as many of you as possible to be able to use simple techniques and practices – (as well as Homeopathic remedies where appropriate) – to help support any changes you want to make, so that you can create & sustain the life you would like to live. It can be a challenge to keep on track and put everything you need in place to reach specific goals & when we are leading busy lives it’s so easy to lose sight of why you may have set particular goals and what a difference achieving them will make to your life. All this becomes much easier with your own personal guide/sounding board/coach! My sole interest is supporting your best interests so that after a pre-determined programme, you can continue on your own.

I would advise that your first step would be to book your Introductory QTT personal development sessions – usually 2 x 2 hour one to one sessions approximately 2 weeks apart. (If you want to know more about these sessions, complete one of the sign up forms at the bottom of each page of this site and we can have a detailed chat about how they can help you.)

After that you will be much clearer on which areas of your life you may like to continue working on & whether you will still need some continuing support as you instigate any lifestyle changes or daily practices to help you reach specific goals or targets.


Coaching Packages.

I offer a number of tailor made coaching packages – the details of which will be personal to you and agreed jointly in our first coaching session.  My basic Coaching package framework would be 6 one to one sessions over a 12 week period, the specifics of which will be agreed during the first session. You can book this package straight away and then email me to confirm the date of your first session. If you would like to discuss anything before booking, register for your free call with me in the form at the bottom of this page

‘Pimp My Practice’ QTT Fulfillment Business Coaching Course.

My 8 week Online, Business Fulfillment Coaching Course enables Small Business owners & Health Practitioners to audit & improve their entire approach to business. The course supports the ability to design a bespoke road-map for each participant & provides a clear & sustainable business strategy to keep both the business owner & the business on track to success whatever that means for them.

Due to the live ‘Master Classes’ included in this online course, it runs to specific dates. The next planned start date will be October 2021. For more details click here, note that you will not be able to book until nearer the time.

If you would like to be notified of the next dates or add your name to the waiting list, please join my email list by signing up at the bottom of this page.

Further possible areas to consider Coaching Support include:-

  • Achieving particular Job or Career Goals within a certain time frame.
  • Getting comfortable and confidant with Public speaking – presentations, business pitches, leading meetings, giving workshops or leading a team of people.
  • Improving relationships – both personal and professional
  • Enhancing Parenting skills for parents of all age groups
  • Breaking destructive habits like smoking or too much sugar, and being able to instigate and sustain Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Conquering and controlling Fears, Phobias and Anxiety
  • Coming to terms with Loss, Grief or Trauma
  • Making the right decisions for you in any area of your life
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